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GST Search- Updated Tax Rates, News and HSN Codes

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The GST SEARCH App brings you a one stop solution for addressing all of your Goods and Services Tax related woes. The app has been designed to enable its users to explore all the associated elements of the GST Tax Rates. The rate finder utility in particular allows to verify the government defined GST rates applicable to the individual good or service.

The inception of the idea for developing the GST Search- Updated Tax Rates, News and HSN Codes App was result of the need which we realised just before the GST was about to become the talk of the nation starting July 1, 2017. The concept was neat and simple as it ought to deliver the desired GST related information to the end users. Instead of relying on multiple sources to serve as the database for the app we stuck to the Govt. of India official website –

Now, the next herculean task was to translate the data which was spread across numerous pdfs to the database tables. We undertook this task by spending many sleepless nights and finally having the fundamental pillars ready for building the app. The app which you see today has undergone a long journey with gradual but consistent upgrades since its release. We are proud to share that the current app has all the elements integrated to comprehensively address your needs around GST.

The USP of this app is the inclusion of the revisions to the tax rates/slabs as proposed by Central Board of Excise and Customs from time to time. So its right time for you to get on-board with an updated GST Search App which does not only provides you a host of rich features around GST but is also working to update the underlying goods and services data per the up to date tax norms.

Overall, it brings the following utilities/functionalities under one roof to form a comprehensive solution for users like you:

GST Tax Rate Finder

Unified search console at top that lets you search the applicable GST Tax rate for the goods and services of your interest.

GST for Goods

Dedicated interface that allows you to search for GST Tax rates of the particular good(s).

GST for Services

Service domain specific interface to search for GST Tax rate of the service(s).

GST Calculator

Neat and intuitive calculator to arrive on the final valve post applying the applicable GST. Not only this, it also enables users to perform reverse calculation if the price is inclusive of the taxes.

HSN/SAC Code Search

This module has unique applicability to business owners whereby relevant HSN & SAC codes for respective good & service are required for filing the Goods and Services Tax (GST) with government. Also, individuals can directly search for HSN code listed in their bills and verify the tax rates are applied appropriately per the prevailing norms.

GST in News

Utility to guide you to the web link for exploring the latest news and updates around Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Resource Library

Brings you the sought after collection of GST related resources to provide you direct insights of the subject. Some of the key components that it includes are “GST Overview”, “Advantages of GST”, “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in different Indian Languages”, “GST Acts”, “Government Circulars” etc.

We are always open to suggestions, feel free to drop in your rating and suggestions/feedback and we will try to address the same in our subsequent releases.

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